Dam Hamaccabim Project

Israel’s solidarity flower pin in honor of our fallen IDF soldiers and victims of terror.


“Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking”


"Unity" Starts With You..

"We have two hands. One for helping ourselves. The other, for helping others."

“We are the silver platter on which the Jews’ state was presented today”

-Natan Alterman

From the Maccabeas to the Carmel Mountain

From our field on the Carmel Mountain, and all the way to you..

What they are saying about us..

What our revolution looks like..

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Phone: +972-526536326
Fax: +972-2-5406091
Asa st. 5, Jerusalem 9314405
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Thanks to you, this year we have distributed 50,000 Dam Hamaccabim pins.
We apologize but we are all sold out this year.

Don’t miss out for next year! Please leave your name and email address and we will reserve pins for you now for next year.

If our initiative has moved you as it has us, we would be most appreciative of your donation to our organization so that we can continue to remember and to further our development during the coming year.